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Welcome to the MCS Installation Database

 If you are an MCS certificated installer, please log in here

For up to date information on the estimated time certificates are taking to be received, please see the MCS website on this link.

Here are some tips to help with the process:  

Pending MCS Certificates
Once you register an installation, it may appear under 'Administration' as pending. Certificates are generated on a time-queued basis (ie. those at the top of the list are generated first), and we can only access the certificate once it has left the 'pending' state. Certificates are normally sent to the recipient email address within a few minutes.

If, once the pending status has lifted, you still have not received the certificate; please ensure that the recipient email address supplied is correct. If it is correct and the certificate is still missing, please contact us.

Amending or Resending MCS Certificates
-    You can amend certificates without charge/use of an additional credit by clicking on the Administration link in the top right hand corner of the screen.

-    Click on the certificate number for the installation you would like to resend or amend, the Submit Installation fields will appear with all of the installation details populated. We would recommend amending the email address of the recipient to your own company email address - this way you will know if you have received the certificate, plus have a copy for your records.

-    Once you have made the amendments required, click through the rest of the form, selecting the correct address or entering it manually if required, until you get to the last page of the form where the Declared Net Capacity and Estimated Annual Generation are detailed.

-    When you click the finish button, an updated certificate will be sent to the recipient email address with the same MCS Certificate number on it.

If you believe that you have added credits to your account but they do not appear, it is likely that your payment has been delayed for 24 hours by PayPal for review. You can contact PayPal to query this, on 08707 307 191. If you need the credits sooner, please try submitting a lower value transaction. All the credits will appear eventually, and you can always request a refund if you end up with more than you require.

PV FIT Deadline
We do not have a say in the PV FIT deadline, and have no information on the appropriateness of any of the rules regarding registering installations or receipt of FIT applications by that date.

Helpdesk Support
MCS is now operating more help-lines than ever, and we are open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm to support you in any way we can.

If you are an MCS certificated installer, please log in here.
Insufficient Credits
You do not have enough credits in order to submit an installation at this time.
Please purchase more credits and try again.